ebtel++ is a C++ implementation of the Enthalpy-based Thermal Evolution of Loops (EBTEL) model for efficiently modeling the dynamics of coronal loops. In particular, ebtel++ solves a set of time-dependent, spatially-averaged two-fluid hydrodynamic equations. The details of the original model can be found in Klimchuk et al. (2008), Cargill et al. (2012a), and Cargill et al. (2012b) and a description of the two-fluid model can be found in Barnes et al. (2016). The original IDL code is also maintained by the Rice solar group.


IonPopSolver solves the time-dependent ionization equations for a particular element given tabulated values of the plasma electron temperature and density. These tabulated values can be the solutions of an analytical model, the output from a numerical simuation, or a set of observational measurements. A full description of the numerical model and relevant physics can be found in Bradshaw (2009).


hydrad_tools is a Python package for configuring, parsing, and plotting results from the HYDrodynamics and RADiation (HYDRAD) code for simulating coronal loops. For more information about the HYDRAD code, see Bradshaw and Cargill (2013) or Bradshaw and Mason (2003)